You have reduced unwanted fat from your body with CoolSculpting® but would also like to have stronger, firmer, more toned muscles. Sculpting your muscles used to take months of hard work with no real guarantee of success. However, there is now a state of the art, non-surgical body contouring technology that can give your body a chiseled look in just a few minutes and without any downtime.*

The expert team at Skin Refine Medspa in Sunnyvale offers the revolutionary CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting® to stimulate muscle strength and increase tone and tightness.

If you envision a more toned stomach, tighter thighs, and firm buttocks without spending hours in the gym with a trainer or being on a strict diet, call the Skin Refine MedSpa office at 408-245-7877 or use the online message form.

What is CoolTone™?

CoolTone™ is Allergan’s latest innovation in body contouring treatment that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology to strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles on your:


Nonsurgical and noninvasive CoolTone™ is FDA-cleared and requires no downtime or recovery. You are able to return to work or to the gym directly after your treatment.*

How does CoolTone™ work?

Typically, when you want to tighten or flex your muscles, your brain sends signals through your nervous system to your muscles. The CoolTone™ system works directly on the muscles themselves, bypassing the natural circuitry that might dull or diffuse a contracting signal from the brain. 

CoolTone’s™ powerful MMS technology penetrates below the fat layer to strengthen and tone muscle. The state-of-the-art system features liquid-cooled applicators. This more efficient approach lets the MMS technology recruit more muscle fibers during each contraction, making the contractions stronger and more effective than those you make during regular exercise.

Just like after a regular workout, your muscles will start to strengthen themselves. This is known as muscle conditioning. However, unlike a regular workout, with CoolTone™, the muscle conditioning happens at an accelerated rate. A single 30-minute treatment induces 20,000 powerful contractions.*

What to expect?

Skin Refine Medspa wants to help you achieve the dream body you desire. During your consultation, you and the medical expert will discuss what your goals are when it comes to strengthening and toning your muscles. You will then discuss which areas you wish to treat. The medical expert will create a plan for you and address how many treatments you may need to reach your desired goal. *

Am I an ideal candidate for CoolTone™?

If you desire a more toned stomach, tighter thighs, and firm buttocks, CoolTone™ is the treatment for you. CoolTone™ is not a weight loss solution.*

What are the results?

As with any cosmetic procedure, every patient’s treatment schedule and results will vary. However, typical patients tend to achieve excellent, nature-looking results from a 4-session schedule, with a 2 to 3-day break between sessions. More defined musculature in the treated area is typically visible 2 to 4 weeks after the schedule is complete. Many patients see continued improvement for up to 6 months post-procedure. As with all body contouring procedures, results may vary.*

What is the CoolTone™ price?

The muscle-building treatment is a highly individualized procedure. The CoolTone™ cost may vary depending on the area being treated and on how many treatments is needed to reach your desired goal. If you would like more information regarding the cost of CoolTone™ in Sunnyvale, please contact us today!

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Does CoolTone™ sound like the treatment you have been looking for? If diet and exercise have not helped to strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, then CoolTone™ may be a great option for you! We would love to meet you and talk to you about how we can help you with your strengthening, toning, and firming goals. Find out more by booking a free consultation today at Skin Refine Medspa in beautiful Sunnyvale, CA. We also serve the neighboring areas of Mountain View, Cupertino, Santa Clara, and San Jose.

*Individual results will vary

Before & After CoolTone

Before & After CoolTone

Before & After CoolTone

Before & After CoolTone

Before & After CoolTone

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