Chemical Peels & Resurfacers

Is your skin rough in texture? Does your face have brown spots or fine lines or acne scars? Chemical peels and resurfacers will improve your skin. They are designed to shed the aged, dead outer layers of the skin, addressing specific skin concerns. At Skin Refine Medspa in Sunnyvale, CA, we want you to discover the beauty that’s just a peel away.

What Are Chemical Peels and Resurfacers?

They are both treatments that works great on almost everyone’s skin. The chemical peels and resurfacers help rejuvenate the skin. These treatments can make your skin look brighter and only some require downtime.* Active ingredients may include salicylic, glycolic, mandelic, lactic or fruit acids, which vary in intensity. These acids exfoliate the skin, causing dead skin cells to shed, which is a process the cells already engage in.

What Can Chemical Peels and Resurfacers Address?

Chemical peels and resurfacers can address a variety of skin concerns, including acne, age spots, discoloration, melasma, fine lines, rough texture and sun damage. If you have signs of damage from acne, aging or the sun, we have a versatile solution for you. Chemical Peels and resurfacers will improve your overall skin tone and texture.*

Should I Get Chemical Peels or Resurfacers?

If you want to have softer and more even-toned skin, please come in for a consultation to see if you are a cadidate for chemical peels and resurfacers. We do not recommend these treatments if you are pregnant or nursing. After most resurfacers & peels you should moisturize and always wear sunscreen & stay out of the sun .

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So, you have spent years out in the sun without sunscreen, or you deal with pollution from urban life. Many factors have damaged your skin. Get chemical peels or resurfacers at Skin Refine Medspa in Sunnyvale, CA–today! We will help you achieve glow to your skin.

Skin Refine Medspa is located in Sunnyvale which is 35 miles south of San Francisco in the South Bay. We are centrally located in the heart of Silicon Valley and we are surrounded by Mountain View, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Altos, Woodside, Redwood City , Menlo Park, Saratoga, and Los Gatos.

*Individual result may vary from what is pictured and stated. We require a consultation and cannot guarantee results.

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