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What are Neck Lines?

When you look in the mirror, are you beginning to notice lines on your neck that make you look older than you feel? Neck lines, or wrinkles on the neck, are just like any other wrinkle that you might see on your face. While wrinkles are a normal part of aging, certain factors such as excessive sun exposure or smoking may exacerbate them. While some neck wrinkling is inevitable because of the extent that we move our face and neck every day, the degree of your neck lines may be determined by genetics.

Because repeated movements such as constantly looking down at your phone can increase your chances for neck lines, most people will experience them at some point in their lives. Some people refer to these lines as “tech neck.” Thankfully, we offer a number of treatment options to soften neck lines for a more confident you.

Treatment Options for Neck Lines

At Skin Refine Medspa, we offer the following effective treatment options to address neck lines:

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