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There are many hyaluronic acid fillers to choose from, making it difficult to determine your best option without guidance from a professional. At Skin Refine Medspa in Sunnyvale, California, our team offers the latest innovations in hyaluronic acid injectables. One option available to our patients is the RHA Collection. This group of fillers is designed using advanced manufacturing techniques to create long-lasting and natural-looking results. RHA Collection includes four dermal filler options to suit a variety of needs.

What are RHA Collection Fillers?

RHA stands for resilient hyaluronic acid. These fillers are designed to move naturally and easily within the skin while remaining resilient and long-lasting, making them a good option for wrinkles and folds in areas of frequent movement in the face. RHA Collection fillers represent the latest in Swiss innovation for hyaluronic acid products. The hyaluronic acid in RHA Collection products is designed to closely mimic natural hyaluronic acid through a gentle manufacturing process. These fillers offer natural-looking results for areas such as the nasolabial folds, cheeks, or near the mouth.

Who Can Benefit from RHA Collection Fillers?

Many patients who see wrinkles, folds, or volume loss in dynamic areas of the face can benefit from RHA Collection fillers. These fillers are a good option for patients who are concerned about maintaining a natural appearance and are looking for long-lasting results compared to other dermal fillers. In addition to addressing common signs of aging, RHA Collection fillers can be used for lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, and more. This makes them a versatile product for a range of patients, regardless of age, skin type, or skin tone.

Before choosing RHA Collection injections, you should be generally healthy overall. Your provider will ask you questions about your health history to ensure that injections are a safe option for you. They will also discuss your concerns and goal results to help determine whether you are suited to RHA Collection fillers or another treatment option available at Skin Refine Medspa.

RHA Collection Products

RHA Collection includes several products, each designed with a specific treatment area and purpose in mind. During your appointment, your injector can help you determine the best option for your needs. RHA Collection fillers include:

  • RHA Redensity
  • RHA 2
  • RHA 3
  • RHA 4

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