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What Are Chemical Peels and Resurfacers?

Is your skin rough in texture? Are you noticing brown spots, fine lines, or acne scars? If so, chemical peels and resurfacers may be a great choice to improve your skin. They are designed to shed the aged, dead outer layers of the skin, addressing specific skin concerns. At Skin Refine Medspa in Sunnyvale, CA, we want you to discover the beauty that’s just a peel away!

Both chemical peels and resurfacers are effective treatments for a variety of skin types and conditions. While patients with fair-skin often see better results with chemical peels, those with darker skin tones may also see good results, depending on the goal of treatment. There are a variety of different active ingredients that can be used within a Chemical Peel and Resurfacer that include salicylic, glycolic, mandelic, lactic, fruit acids, and many more which vary in intensity. These acids exfoliate the skin, causing dead skin cells to shed, revealing new, healthy, skin underneath.

What Can Chemical Peels and Resurfacers Address?:

I love coming here. Everyone is extremely friendly and professional.

Skin Refine Medspa is amazing, from the time you walk through the door you are treated with a high level of professionalism. Louise explained the procedure to me and made me feel very comfortable. I had Botox treatment with Miriam and I must say she is outstanding ( she has great knowledge and experience). I will only go there, they are the best!

Should I Get Chemical Peels or Resurfacers?

The majority of people need to start with a Resurfacer and work up to a Chemical Peel, which is a much stronger treatment. Patients who wish to combat signs of aging and achieve softer, more evenly-toned skin can often benefit from Chemical Peels and Resurfacing treatments. However, we do not recommend these treatments if you are pregnant or nursing. After most Resurfacers and Peels, you should moisturize your skin, wear sunscreen, and stay out of the sun. Chemical Peels may be repeated every 1-4 weeks, depending on the intensity of the peel and your skin professional’s recommendation.

What to Expect?

During your Chemical Peel or Resurfacing treatment, your skin professional will thoroughly clean the treatment area, and a chemical solution will be applied. Depending on the depth of the peel, some people may experience a slight burning or tingling sensation that will last from 5-10 minutes. The peel will then be neutralized and/or removed.

Following a Chemical Peel, your skin may be red and sensitive, and may scale and peel after about a week. Your skin will be temporarily more sensitive to sunlight, so it is important to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen above SPF 30 every day. Limiting your time in the sun is imperative for achieving the best possible results.

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