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What Causes Volume Loss?

Volume loss in the face occurs when the face fat that was once evenly distributed around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, temples, and mouth shifts and diminishes. This can cause round cheeks to sink in, cause hollowness in the cheeks and under the eyes, and cause individuals to look older than they feel. But what causes us to lose youthful volume? The natural aging process and your genetics are the major causes of facial volume loss. However, certain medications, weight loss, stress and other lifestyle factors may contribute to exacerbate facial volume loss as well.

While everyone ages different, many people will begin to notice signs of facial volume loss as early as their 20s. In young people, fat is evenly distributed in the face, but as you age, the natural support structure of the skin begins to break down, and fat pads shift downward. This process only accelerates as you age. Thankfully, we offer Dermal Fillers and Sculptra® Aesthetic to help combat facial volume loss for a rejuvenated you!

Treatment Options for Volume Loss

If you are looking for a proven solution to restore your volume loss and achieve a more youthful appearance, we offer the following treatment options:

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