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What Causes Underarm Sweating?

Our body contains eccrine glands that are responsible for producing sweat that reaches the surface of the skin to regulate body temperate. These glands are activated when your body becomes overheated, you are physically moving your body, you are feeling emotional, or as a result of hormones. This is a completely normal body process.

In some people, however, sweating may become excessive and may or may not have an underlying cause. This condition is called hyperhidrosis and may cause some to sweat to the point that moisture drips from their body. For those with this condition, their sweat glands do not shut off when they are supposed to leading to excessive sweating that can cause discomfort and embarrassment.

Treatment Options for Underarm Sweating

For individuals who sweat heavily or have hyperhidrosis, we offer the following treatments for underarm sweating:

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