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What is Melasma?

Melasma is a common skin condition that is represented by brown or blue-gray patches or small spots. Sometimes this condition is called a “pregnancy mask” because it often occurs in pregnant women due to fluctuations in hormones. Commonly affected areas include your face, including the cheeks, upper lip and forehead, as well as the forearms. While the exact cause of melasma is not fully understood, it occurs when melanocytes in the skin produce too much pigment.

There are three main types of melasma based on the depth of the pigment. These include:


Epidermal melasma has a dark brown color, a well-defined border, appears obvious under black light, and sometimes responds well to treatment.


Dermal melasma has a light brown or bluish color, a blurry border, appears no differently under black light, and doesn’t respond well to treatment.

Mixed Melasma

Mixed melasma, which is the most common of the three, has both bluish and brown patches, shows a varied pattern under black light, and shows some response to treatment.

While this condition is usually a long-lasting disorder, it can be improved with the use of varied cosmetic treatments.

Treatment Options for Melasma

At Skin Refine Medspa, we offer a number of treatment options to help improve the appearance of melasma in both men and women. These treatments include:

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