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For years I’ve dealt with trying to conceal my undereyes with various eye creams and makeup, but nothing really ever worked that well for me. That is, until I looked into undereye or tear trough fillers at Skin Refine Medspa in Sunnyvale, California. Up until I decided to try getting undereye filler, I had only ever had Botox/Dysport done, so I was pretty nervous to say the least. But it turned out that I had nothing to be worried about. Not only was the treatment completely painless, but the results were everything I could have ever hoped for. I was treated by the incredibly skilled Sandra Sayedi, PA-C at Skin Refine Medspa, who had previously done my Dysport. You can read about my experience with that injectable here.

My Treatment

When I arrived for my appointment at Skin Refine Medspa, I was greeted with such a warm welcome by the staff & waited only a few minutes in their luxurious reception area before being brought back to have numbing cream put on. I am ALL about the numbing cream!

Once the numbing cream kicked in, it was time to begin the treatment! Before injecting, Sandra went over the entire process with me and discussed all of my concerns which included under eye hollowness and dark circles.

For my treatment, Sandra used Restylane, a Hyaluronic acid based filler to restore volume under my eyes and also to lift up the mid-cheek area. As skin below the eyes loses volume, they can become more pigmented, so adding filler to this area also helps to eliminate dark circles which was another main concern of mine. Below are my before and after results and I still can’t get over what an amazing improvement this treatment has made!

Restylane for Under Eye Troughs Before & After
PA-C, Sandra Sayedi

When deciding on injectables, one of the most important things to consider is who is going to be administering your treatment. It may not sound like a big difference to someone with minimal knowledge of injectables, but it’s in fact extremely important to make sure your treatment is done by an experienced and very knowledgeable physician or physician assistant. I had the pleasure of having both my Dysport and under eye filler done by Sandra Sayedi, an amazing Certified Physician Assistant in Sunnvale, California who has extensive experience of over 13 years with cosmetic procedures and medical grade skin care. Sandra did an amazing job with my eye trough filler, and I no longer have dark circles/hollowness or look tired all the time! She also touched up my Dysport after my filler treatment so I no longer have the frown lines from before, and she also gave my eyebrows a slight raise by injecting right above them.