What is the SkinPen?

SkinPen by Bellus Medical is a low-risk microneedling procedure. As opposed to traditional derma-rollers that can scar or create infection, SkinPen is designed for efficiency.  SkinPen glides over your skin with angled needles. The needles approach your skin at 90 degrees, enabling sharp precision. Its portability enables our med spa professionals more reach and thus control over results.

How Does SkinPen Create Results?

SkinPen’s needle pressing helps to create tiny channels or openings in the dermis. The dermis is the second layer under the skin, responsible for collagen production. Microneedling can help skin damage by stimulating healing processes. SkinPen stimulates collagen production, which is responsible for rebuilding skin. SkinPen can also help Elastin rebuild. Elastin is responsible for skin elasticity, or the ability for skin to bounce back and resume form.

What is the SkinPen Treatment Like?

SkinPen uses an exhaust port to prevent deep suctioning, resulting in broken capillaries. To minimize the ever-present risk for infection, Bio Sleeve technology protects against contamination. A lock out function ensures its only used on you.

When you’re in our office, you can expect your pain to be at a comfortable level. We provide topical anesthetic to help you relax during the treatment.

What Are My SkinPen Results?

Because SkinPen is robust and new technology, it provides beautiful results, fast. You may see results within 1 day! You can expect the following benefits from a SkinPen procedure:*

  • Smaller or less visible acne scars
  • Less stretch marks
  • Healthier overall appearance

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Are you ready for SkinPen? You don’t need to prepare much–there’s no downtime! You can expect some redness and swelling, as your skin heals from the procedure. But don’t worry–this healing shows that the SkinPen is working.*

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*Individual result may vary from what is pictured and stated. We require a consultation and cannot guarantee results.

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